How to buy a Home in Oklahoma

Buying a home is not as easy as ordering on amazon, but it certainly is not as hard as learning a new musical instrument. There are a few steps that need to be taken to make sure the process goes nice and smooth. 

1. Secure Funding - Getting together how you will pay for the home and how much home you can afford is the first process. If you are paying cash you will want to get together a statement from your bank or other proof of funds so you can provide that info later with your offer. If your are not fortunate enough to pay cash for your home or wish to save that hard earned dollar for something else, you will want to look into getting a home loan. This starts by reaching out to a lender to begin the process to see if you qualify for a home loan. To get a rough idea of what price of home you might be able to afford you can use the OKCREAL™ Home Price Calculator

2. Get a good Realtor- Your OKCREAL™ agent will provide you instant access to hundreds of properties in the area. They also can provide local knowledge and other hard to find information. Studies have shown buyers who don't use a buyers agent pay more for properties, than those with an agent that is representing their best interests.

3. Place an offer - So you found the home you were looking for, what next? You will make an offer, if the seller accepts your offer you will have the first week or so (depends on what’s in the contract) to inspect the home for defects. This usually is done by a 3rd party home inspecting service. This fee usually runs $200 and up depending on the square foot of the home. After inspections are done, and you still wish to purchase the home, the appraiser will be sent out to make sure the home is at least worth, what you are wanting to pay for it. This costs about $500 and is required on about 95% of all home loans purchase with a mortgage, 

4. Closing the home - If everything is good up until this point, you will proceed to close the home. Usually this is done at a closing company. This is the process of signing all the sale documents and transferring the title/deed of the home into your name and at the end you will get the keys to your new property. It's a good idea to have your utilities scheduled to be connected before or during this time. 

Take the next step, schedule a free, no obligation consultation with an OKCREAL™ agent. 


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