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A life in Linwood Place Neighborhood

One of the oldest communities in Oklahoma City, platted in 1909, is Linwood Place. This 465-home area is bounded on the by NW 23rd Street to the north, NW 16th Street to the south, Drexel Boulevard to the east Grand Boulevard/I-44 to the west. In addition, Some of the most influential residents of the area, including Chris Schwab of the Schwab Meat Company, Walter Kamp of Kamp's Grocery, and Oscar Holder by of Oklahoma's Stockyards, were at Early Linwood Place. Such early pioneers played a crucial role in driving the early drive of the region towards growth and development.

The form of houses in Linwood Place in several various architectural features is a delightfully diverse mix of large and small houses. The Victorian Revival style of the late-1930s is the most prominent, but Craftsman, Prairie School, Western Revival, Mediterranean, Spanish Ethnic and, numerous other styles are also represented. These types of homes will cost around $150-500,000. Linwood place is Nestled in a lively area in Northwest Oklahoma City. Linwood Place provides a rare blend of venue, diversity, and heritage that in the larger metro area can not be surpassed. It delivers one of the most charming, affordable, and welcoming communities in the area, close enough to I-44 to allow easy access, no matter where your everyday commute takes you.

The location of Linwood will allow you to experience a sense of being in a home. Whether inside one of Linwood's amazing collection of historic houses highlighting the rich historical architectural past of Oklahoma or strolling outside along their peaceful, walkable streets, you will feel at home. The active and welcoming neighbors are always waiting for their large and engaging neighborhood to welcome a new face. You can either attend one of their many neighborhood meetings all year round, or you can come and play in their park!

Linwood makes getting to anywhere you want to be in and even beyond Oklahoma City convenient.

A few years ago we interviewed the president of the neighborhood and he had some fund things to say about the neighborhood. Below is the video from the interview.


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