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Oklahoma City New Homes for Sale Deserve Close-up Exams:

It’s a fair bet that anyone who is taking a serious look at the current assortment of new homes for sale in Oklahoma City is someone who places a value on sheer newness. It’s about more than prestige—although owning a new home does carry at least an element of the kind of special pride that goes with owning the latest model auto. More substantively, the first owner of a new Oklahoma City home gains the advantage of not having to worry that some previous owner’s inattention to maintenance issues could cause trouble down the road.

Like a new car, though, when it comes to buying a new home, it’s a good idea to take at least a peek under the hood. What you will be looking for is a number of new construction quality issues. Even when a new home bears the signature of one of Oklahoma City’s premier builders, before the sale is final, it’s always prudent to commission a detailed house inspection. Since that’s not free, before committing to that expense you’ll want to have a reasonable expectation that the home in question passes your own muster. In other words, before ordering up a formal professional inspection, you can do some inspecting of your own.

The first step is to disengage from the “wow” factor. Because it’s in mint condition, good new construction invites acceptance—everything looks so fresh and flawless! That makes it harder to take a hard look, especially when the new home in question looks like what you have been hoping to find. Nevertheless, the first walk-through should be followed by an as-skeptical-as-possible return visit. Some of the areas that merit close attention:

  • Structure: without exception, the walls should be plumb and flat. Wherever building materials meet (wood to plaster; glass to metal; to tile, etc.) are the seams clean, the joints tight?

  • Flooring: when you jump in the middle of a room, do the feel and sound tell you it’s solid (yes: somebody has to jump!).

  • Detailing: in closets and cabinetry, trim and hardware, are the workmanship and materials up to what the asking price indicates?

  • Plumbing and electrical: are the sinks conveniently located for cooking and laundry duty? Is water pressure strong? Are there sufficient and well-placed outlets?

  • Heating and cooling: Is one of the main selling points the economic advantage of the systems’ operating efficiency. If not, ask questions.

  • Roof: it should look trim and new, and carry a manufacturer’s warranty for at least 10 years. Gutter placement and grading should make clear that water can’t pool near the foundation.

The best Oklahoma City builders earn solid reputations not just because of winning design innovations or outstanding price leadership. When you hear past buyers praise a builder, it’s most likely because of the value their homes continue to exhibit over the long haul—value that results in years of trouble-free homeownership.

An important part of my service is keeping abreast of the details that differentiate all the new homes for sale in Oklahoma City. Call me if you’d like a detailed rundown of all the great buys that are currently being offered!

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