OKCREAL™ is the brainchild of OKC resident, Landon Whitt. After years of working the market he noticed there was two main unfulfilled needs in the market place.

1. For people to market their Oklahoma luxury homes to the global market and find very specific buyers.

2. For sellers and buyers, in all price points, to get real data in their hands and have an agent that knows how to use that data so we can stop guessing and start planning.

OKCREAL™ has the heart of a media company and the stamina and network of a full scale tech driven real estate brokerage. It's this unique combination that gives your property the edge thats needed to stand out in the marketplace and collect the eyes of the buyers that would otherwise be un reachable.

When you are a buyer with Landon Whitt, you get access to this award winning technology in reverse, meaning you get up to the moment proprietary market data and access to tools like virtual 360 VR walkthroughs so you can experience tours in stunning 5.7k from wherever you are. This saves thousands in plane tickets and avoids the rushing associated with last minute listings and hard to find properties, now you can virtually tour with Landon live and then tour in person during inspections if you decide you wish to place an offer.

Its these tips and tricks that make all the difference and can put the home of your dreams into your realty. Don't keep doing the same boring home shopping, Call and speak with Landon today.


Landon Whitt is the managing broker of  OKC REAL™. He has been declared best of Zillow in 2019 and 2020 and featured as an expert guest on NPR, SiriusXM radio and the Central Home Builders Awards. Landon Whitt is the host of the Oklahoma City Real Estate Show and spends his workweek helping home buyer's and seller's achieve their goals. 


“..extremely personable and knowledgeable right from the moment my family met him. He went the extra mile to really negotiate in our favor, a true advocate to his customer.” 


—  Natalie Kidman, Mesta Park

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