OKCREAL™ has one main goal: to work together to equip your family with the highest quality service and tools to enable long lasting happiness in your families relocation choice. 


“..extremely personable and knowledgeable right from the moment my family met him. He went the extra mile to really negotiate in our favor, a true advocate to his customer.” 


—  Natalie Kidman, Mesta Park


Landon is a proud father and the team Lead of OKCREAL™ He has been declared best of Zillow in 2019 and 2020 and featured as an expert guest on NPR, SiriusXM radio and the Central Home Builders Awards. Landon Whitt, a Veteran, has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and has performed extensive studies in wellness management and is working to create a new level of customer satisfaction. Landon has performed hundreds of real estate transactions in Oklahoma and brings a wealth of knowledge to his customers


Office: 405-367-1067

Text: 405-592-3132

Landon Whitt

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Daniel De Leon

User Experience UX/AX Manager

A tech Wizzard,  Daniel left Yelp to help OKCREAL , Daniel and his family are  Arizona natives, He is passionate about the user experience and we are glad to have him working on our customer web experience. 

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Shari Norton

Transaction Coordinator

Shari has over 10 years experience making transactions run smooth in Central Oklahoma. Her servants heart and helper mindset are key to your success. 


Carly Hauhuth

New Customer Welcome Team

From New York, Carly manages the team responsible for making first contacts with hundreds of new leads each month coming into our database. Without her we could not focus on serving existing customers.


Samantha Hendricks

Digital Marketing Team Lead

From Phoenix Arizona Samantha is responsible for managing ad campaigns for our listings insuring success.  Her work has led to over 500k views and interactions with our customers listings and is excited about continued growth. 

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Heather Dayton

Buyers Agent Market Specialist

From Yukon Oklahoma, Heather is responsible for managing family relocations into a new home.  Her background includes elite customer care for families traveling on private jets.  Her expertise is in quality care for each of our customers.  She loves what she does and  also enjoys spending time with her children. 

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