OKCREAL™ has one main goal: to equip your family with the highest quality service and tools to enable long lasting happiness in your families relocation choice. 

Landon Whitt is the managing broker of  OKCREAL™. He has been declared best of Zillow in 2019 and 2020 and featured as an expert guest on NPR, SiriusXM radio and the Central Home Builders Awards. Landon Whitt has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and has performed extensive studies in biofeedback research and is working to create a new level of customer satisfaction by providing customers with real time information on the health of their body while exploring the home spaces. This can add new information to the home decision process and we feel it will result in a happier customer.  


“..extremely personable and knowledgeable right from the moment my family met him. He went the extra mile to really negotiate in our favor, a true advocate to his customer.” 


—  Natalie Kidman, Mesta Park

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