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When the Weather Puts a Crimp in Oklahoma City Showings Oklahoma City Weather Makes Showings Impossi

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When even severely draught-ridden California neighborhoods are having trouble coming up for air, you know that 2017 is turning out to be one of those winters. Punxsutawney Phil only confirmed what we already knew: until the bulbs start pushing their way upward, we’re likely to have more wind-blown stormy days than usual. When it comes to Oklahoma City showings, some strategic thinking can be in order.

Oklahoma City showings are always at their best when the wind is gentle, the clouds are white, puffy, off in the distance instead of blocking the sun—and the ground is agreeably soil-like rather than squishy. February is the season when prospective buyers are few, but Oklahoma City home sellers should also remember that they tend to be more focused and determined than at other times of the year. They are more likely to persist through stretches of inclement weather. But even though you may be painfully aware that the property isn’t at its glamorous best, keep in mind that showings of your competitors are subject to the same meteorological handicap. IOW, don’t give up—you can cope!

Here are a few tips culled from various real estate musings on the subject of showings in foul weather. They start with some fair-weather activity:

Advance prep should especially include conscientious gutter and downspout cleaning. If you’re someone who views climbing any ladder rung higher than the third as a life-threatening exercise, it’s worth recruiting some surefooted help. Clogged gutters don’t just short-circuit otherwise great showings: they can cause serious water damage.

  • If muddy shoeprints are likely to be unavoidable, the resulting impression can dampen your showing. To avoid that, you have the choice of arranging with your agent (hopefully, that’s me!) to request shoes be removed—or to provide inexpensive throw-away shoe covers. In either case, it’s thoughtful to place a chair or two for your guests near the entryway.

  • If you have photo blowups of the exterior and yard on a sunny summer day, don’t be shy about setting them out in a prominent place. Proving how inviting the property feels in better weather is a strong selling point.

  • If it’s unremittingly gloomy outside, shine a light wherever you can—including over the front porch. Open draperies and blinds to brighten wherever possible.

  • If it’s windy or damp, crank the heat up a couple of degrees higher than usual (but not enough to cause it to feel stuffy). The object is to dry out the interior air spaces. Of course, a roaring fireplace does the job best of all!

Oklahoma City showings when it’s nasty outside can seem to be a fool’s errand—but experience teaches that it’s not necessarily so. I will always sound out potential buyers about whether they would rather postpone a showing on a difficult day. When they decide that they really want to proceed despite uncomfortable weather, that is, after all, a very good sign. In fair or foul weather, I hope you won’t wait for the sun to shine to give me a call!

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