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Practical Moves for Selling a Smallish OKC Home

When you decide to sell your home for the maximum return, it’s important that you recognize all of its selling points: both the positive and negative. I can help with that, but as a starting point, if your Oklahoma City house is a bit on the smallish side, you probably already know it. There is a good chance it’s one reason you’ve decided to move on.

The good news is that once you recognize that your Oklahoma City home’s other fine points might be overpowered by the relative lack of spaciousness, there are measures you can take to downplay that drawback. The most important actions are those recommended for every Oklahoma City home for sale, large or tiny:

  • Do away with excess furniture

  • Add light everywhere you can

To minimize any “cramped” feeling:

  • Ditch the drapes (especially the heavy ones)

  • Do away with the tchotchkes

  • Go with solids instead of prints in everything from wallpaper to artwork. In fact—

  • Lose the artwork

  • Consider removing interior doors where they chop up the home’s “flow”

  • Minimize your color palette—experts even suggest a single color everywhere!

Selling your slightly undersized Oklahoma City home for the best price will involve putting its outstanding features front-and-center—but that will only be possible if the magnitude issue doesn’t overpower everything else. You’ll want prospects to think “I LOVE that place!” first, and only “We can make do with the smaller space” as an afterthought.

Marketing Oklahoma City homes is my specialty. I hope you’ll give me a call!

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