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73106, Spicy hot housing

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

The 12 month heat map shows how volatile 73106 has been this last year, like forecasting weather in reverse. From the sizzling hot Plaza district to the gentrification of "10 penn" south of 16th street, investors have aimed for the stars and appraisers have backed them and even better buyers have signed at the table and property values have climbed.

73106 Blue is 15% gains, red is 15% loss (12 month) *** red zone shown in 73106 is mostly industrial buildings wich have an estimated value lost in this metric due to how the home value radar works ***

Median Estimated Home Value (10/28/2019): $209,280

Change over last month : -5.07%

Change over last 12 months : +8.9%

With the new success south of 16th street and to 10th street between Penn and Classen being so remarkable one begs the questions will the success continue south past 10th street? Only time will tell but at the moment prices are still very low south of 10th.

South of 10th Prices still low (12 month sales)



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