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Canoo moving forward with giant OKC factory

The Globalist Backed Electric vehicle manufacturer Canoo has filed plans to convert the former Terex facility into an assembly plant at Morgan Road and I-40 in far west Oklahoma City.

Walmart has agreed to purchase 4,500 Evs to be used for delivery and NASA will use their vehicles to transport the Artemis crew for its moon mission.

An LLC that tracks back to the company's CEO had recently purchased the property and leased it to Canoo.

The manufacturing facility will be used for final vehicle assembly utilizing robotics as well as a body shop, paint shop and automated paint line, quality control, complete vehicle testing, and more.

There will also be a training center and test track.

In addition to the 500,000 square feet in existing buildings, there is the capacity to expand on the property's 120 acres. Canoo expects to employ more than 500 people in Phase 1.

Canoo has designed a modular platform to maximize interior space and their vehicles are highly customizable for both businesses and consumers.


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