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Everything You Need To know About Oklahoma City

Every place has a story. The Oklahoma City story started with many native groups who had already existed in this particular location, long before it was "officially" a city. We honor this legacy and its resilience that lives on in today's Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City is situated within the state as the Oklahoma state capital and the county seat of Oklahoma County and is a major intersection formed by Interstate Highways 35, 40, 44, 235, and 240. The current Oklahoma City was located within an area in the Indian Territory that was once part of the Creek and Seminole nations. Montford T. Johnson, a contemporary of Jesse Chisholm, operated a ranch in Council Grove during present-day western Oklahoma City in the 1870s and 1880s. On April 22, 1889, when about fifty thousand attendees of the Land Run of 1889 claimed town lots and quarter portions in the area known as the Unallocated Territory, Oklahoma City came into existence.

New trends continue to bring population, housing, entertainment, and development as

Oklahoma City progresses into the 21st century. The new Dell call center created more than 250 jobs in 2004 to hire more than 19,000 more employment in the area. The first national league basketball team, the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets, was brought to Oklahoma in 2005, followed by the permanent home of the revamped Seattle NBA franchise, now the Oklahoma City Thunder, in 2008. Several other businesses are calling Oklahoma City their home, and the population is rising at a very high pace once again. A new feature to the downtown skyline, the Devon Energy Center, was also built in 2012, with a peak of 850 feet and 52 floors.

From the year 1887 to the current year, Oklahoma has been a thriving city and has developed many infrastructures, towns, and communities that are still noticeable and fabulous until today.

Oklahoma City represents the New Frontier, and its own future is established. OKC celebrates its heritage and continues to set the stage as a center of creativity and entrepreneurship. As a young city rooted in Native American and Western culture, everything is feasible, transparent, and an ambitious young spirit.

Here, with provenance and brimming kindness, we will welcome you. You'll see an ideal distinction of new growth and excitement. Through our streets, tourist destinations, and amenities, you will feel the energy chattering.

Explore First American cultural practices and contemporary art, neighborhoods, and neighborhoods with distinctive personality traits, flourishing local restaurants, and craft breweries, national sports and family entertainment, Oklahoma River outdoor adventures, and a vibrant live music scenario, plus so much more to discover.

Experience OKC, a city open to all, with its energy, enthusiasm, and accommodating essence.


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