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First OG&E rate increase of 2024 to start in July

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Many Oklahomans may see their electric bills increase this summer with a first new rate increase of 2024 from OG&E.

According to an email sent to customers on Friday morning, OG&E plans to increase rates by 6.6%, or about $9.58 per month, starting July 1 to offset the cost of infrastructure improvements.

The increase is part of a new agreement with stakeholders filed with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission on June. The agreement still needs final approval from the OCC.

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OG&E also mentions in the email that the increase is less than the amount they originally requested.

OG&E says the agreement also includes the following direct customer benefits:

  • A $60 annual increase in the Silver Energy senior citizen discount for qualified customers enrolled in SmartHours. Visit to learn more. 

  • Additional financial resources for forestry management to reduce outages caused by trees and tree limbs falling on lines, a main cause of outages. 

  • Power generation and electric grid strengthening improvement projects that provide smarter and more efficient energy infrastructure. 

  • Maintaining the residential customer charge at $13 per month. 

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