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Oklahoma County’s Million Dollar Homes Jump More Than 12% From Last Year

“The Oklahoma County real estate market is hot, and to see a more than 12% jump in homes valued at $1-Million or more in 2021 over 2020 is another indicator home prices are on fire,” said Oklahoma County Assessor Larry Stein.

In 2021, Oklahoma County has 1,829 homes valued at $1-Million or more.

That number is an official count, according to the Oklahoma County Assessor’s Office, after finalizing the total value of assessments of homes throughout the county. “Back in 2005, there were 274 homes valued at $1-Million or more. Comparing 2005 with 2021, the increase is just over 567-percent,” said Stein.

Oklahoma City is the leader of the pack when it comes to $1 Million homes with 752, followed by Nichols Hills with 556, Edmond 423, unincorporated Oklahoma County has 77, Lake Aluma with 14, Luther with 5 and Choctaw with 2.


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