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Oklahoma's Billion Dollar DRUG FARMS

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 21, 2023) – Attorney General Gentner Drummond made the following remarks (see below) after Gov. Stitt yesterday signed into law Senate Bill 913. The legislation is aimed at combating illegal marijuana grow operations in Oklahoma. This is one step closer to closing the loopholes that have allowed billions of dollars in illegal crops to exit Oklahoma. These illegal farms are making local sleezeballs rich, meanwhile hard American workers are being outbid for homes in cash while they watch these criminals drive brand new Mercedes all paid for in cash gained from illegal Chinese and Mexican farms based in Oklahoma. Oklahoma workers are fed up with this and demanding the state put an end to this.

I am thankful that Gov. Stitt has signed into law Senate Bill 913. This measure requires bonding for commercial marijuana grow operations in Oklahoma, meaning that the State will have the resources necessary for environmental cleanup after an illegal marijuana farm is busted and shut down. SB 913 gives us an important tool to recover after eliminating one of these criminal enterprises."

SB 913 requires all commercial marijuana growers to hold a $50,000 bond. The bond can be recalled to fund any necessary remediation if that grow operation is abandoned or has its license revoked. This is one step forward to giving local law enforcement resources to return the prairies of Oklahoma back to the people.


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