1. 540+ credit

2. 3.5% downpayment

3. less than 50% of your income going to pay debt.

I want you to have the very best home in for you and your family. A lot of what may determine what home you may qualify for when buying or renting a home depends on your credit score. Your credit score, also known as a FICO score is determined by combining a number of factors to determine how well you are able to pay back money you borrow. You can pull your own credit for free online at websites like It does not hurt your credit for you to check your own score. I recommend before you meet with me that you pull your credit so I can have a good idea of what we can qualify you for. Below you will find a chart that shows how your credit is determined. You will also find a video below explaining how to build your credit. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with you and I will do my very best to get you into the home of your dreams.

– Landon

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Free Educational video on how credit works and how to repair it!

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