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6 Spine-Tingling Halloween Scares for Oklahoma City House Buyers

Unless you are among those who are currently focused on the search for a new Oklahoma City house, this week’s Halloween celebration has probably captured a goodly bit of your attention.

As Halloween night draws near, most other Oklahoma City residents find themselves preparing kids’ costumes, carving suitably horrifying jack o lanterns, stocking up on goodies for the onslaught of the costumed throngs, or, alternatively, making plans for going dark convincingly enough to avoid the wrath of the trick-or-treaters. But actively engaged house hunters can be forgiven if they’ve been preoccupied with their more urgent real estate pursuit.

That doesn’t seem fair, so in order to preserve the spirit of Halloween week for house buyers, here is a theme-appropriate tale with half a dozen shriek-producing plot twist endings:

(Turn down the lights).

Imagine an innocent couple—after an uneventful series of house showings, they finally find the home of their dreams! They apply for the home loan; all they have to do is await approval…

It’s a dark and stormy night. Now the phone rings! It’s the bank; the phone is on speaker as we hear the bone-chilling voice that says:

  1. “Is it true that you just changed jobs two weeks ago?”

  2. “Soooo, last Tuesday you decided to buy a bunch of furniture for the new house—on credit?”

  3. “That big one-time deposit into your bank account. It came from…where, exactly?”

  4. “Looks like you forget to list that personal loan balance of $12,315?”

  5. “I see you bought a very nice car last week. Very. Nice.”

  6. “Eight credit inquiries in the past two months? Really—eight?”

Credit missteps like these can turn into trap doors on the path to owning a home. But such scary Halloween plot twists will just be make-believe—especially for Oklahoma City house buyers who have the benefit of teaming up with a licensed Oklahoma City real estate professional. Whether buying or selling, I hope you’ll give me a call—the earlier, the better!

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