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Boiling Point Media makes virtual production in OKC a reality

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber staff joined Boiling Point Media last week for the unveiling of its new LED Virtual Production Studio.

The studio provides the city’s growing film industry with access to the latest state-of-the-art production technology, enabling independent filmmakers to take advantage of techniques such as blending virtual sets and special effects into live action recordings of films, television shows and commercials in real time.

“We are excited to make our LED Virtual Production Studio accessible to a wider range of productions,” Owner and Director at Boiling Point Media Ryan Bellgardt said.

The addition of the asset was made possible through securing a grant from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

“Boiling Point has been serving the film and TV communities for more than 10 years,” Bellagrdt said, “This is another investment to showcase what Oklahoma City has to offer.”

The Oklahoma City Film & Creative Industries Office was recently established to help foster growth of the industry within the metro and provide a go-to location for filmmakers and producers. Boiling Point’s newly unveiled studio will provide an additional place for production when recruiting new talent to the area.

"There are currently only a handful of virtual studios in the country. Two of those are now in Oklahoma; one at The Cherokee Film Studios in Owasso and one in OKC at Boiling Point Media," Oklahoma City Film & Creative Industries Office Executive Director Jill Simpson said.

"What Boiling Point is doing is cutting edge and very important to the OKC film industry’s future."

Film director Lance McDaniel said the studio sets itself apart from others due to its LED wall integration, along with the animation expertise of the Boiling Point team.

“Making this combination accessible to independent filmmakers is a huge boost to Oklahoma’s film industry,” McDaniel said.

The Boiling Point studio uses live virtual trackers that allow in-person actors to be integrated into virtual environments with ease by projecting the environments and special effects onto a LED wall during filming. This process is likely to improve production performance as actors and crew can see the effects implemented before them, rather than filming with a generic green screen, then editing in post-production.

“With a green screen, an actor sits in a driver’s seat during a car chase and has to imagine the scene around them,” Bellgardt said, “In our LED virtual production studio, the actor experiences the landscape racing by, and the the special effects of the car crash they have to dodge.”

Boiling Point utilizes software originally developed for video games to render graphics in real time and improve post-production processes.

Simpson said the media company will also be working with local sound experts on a digital post-production sound company to bring additional capacity to the city's film industry.

You can learn more about Boiling Point Media and the services they have to offer at


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