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Paseo Neighborhood Historic District

The Historic District of the Paseo Neighborhood is an early twentieth-century residential neighborhood located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma's state capital. About 2.5 miles north of the town center is the Paseo Community Historic District. It occupies approximately thirty-three blocks and has 253 buildings and one location, Fairlawn Cemetery, which is about one-third of the district's area.

By far, the Bungalow/Craftsman style is prevalent. Tudor Revival, Classical Revival, National Folk, Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival, Commercial Style, Prairie School, Colonial Revival, and Minimal Traditional are among the other architectural styles represented.

In the Paseo Neighborhood Historic District, the neighborhood borders are approximately Northwest 30th Street to the north in the western half of the district, Northwest 28th Street to the north in the eastern part of the district, Northwest 24th Street to the south, North Walker Avenue to the east, and North Western Avenue to the west.

The Historic District of the Paseo Neighborhood has a neighborhood known as a possible northern historic district, Central Park, a residential area built around the same time as the Historic District of the Paseo Neighborhood. The Historic District of Jefferson Park (NR, 12/14/1995), another suburban neighborhood built at the same time and very close to the neighborhood of Paseo, is to the east. A crowded urban artery, the south boundary is next to Northwest 23rd Street. The fields of the Fairlawn Cemetery and the First Presbyterian Church occupy the western border, Western Road. A Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival artists' studio and shopping district built around a recognizable two-block long curved street locally known as The Paseo (Spanish Village, NR 2/24/1983) anchors the northeast corner of the Paseo Neighborhood Historic District. The name of the Paseo Neighborhood Historic District was taken from this street.

A high degree of dignity is maintained in the Paseo Neighborhood Historic District. 210 of the 262 houses, or more than eighty percent, were identified as contributing within the Paseo district, and a significant site within the district, Fairlawn Cemetery, was also identified as contributing.

An exceptional example of urban growth and planning and architectural styles from the first half of the twentieth century as they apply to Oklahoma City's development is the Paseo Neighborhood Historic District.

If you decided to live here, you can tour and enjoy the art galleries, take art classes, shop, eat or mix with artists regularly. Or, you can go around the entire district during the Paseo's First Friday Gallery Walk. More than 60 artists from about 20 galleries, from 6-10 p.m., participate in this gathering. It includes themed exhibits, refreshments, guest artists, and other entertainment on the first Friday of each month.

Paseo Arts District


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