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Quail Creek Neighborhood

Quail Creek is one of the largest and most successful neighborhoods in the state, situated in northwestern Oklahoma City. From May Avenue to Hefner Parkway (east to west) and Hefner Road to Memorial Road, Quail Creek extends from (south to north).

Using phases of development, Quail Creek was developed, allowing urban roads and utility companies to grow in smaller parts. Some segments were not fully developed until the 1990s, although the neighborhood primarily dates to the 1960s. Each part runs under its own set of strict agreements that guide the permissible activities at Quail Creek, together with the city/municipal code.

Quail Creek is proud to be home to various styles of houses, home sizes, and inhabitants. It is usual to encounter homes that offer original furnishings and styling along side those that have been thoroughly redeveloped. Quite recently, to make way for new building projects, existing houses are being dismantled and new homes build in their place.

The neighbors of Quail Creek enjoy being home in a traditional neighborhood of cobbled streets, big trees, and community recognition despite the variety of home styles and families surrounding them.

Quail Creek Park is also located inside the neighborhood, a popular destination for kids and adults, dogs, and neighbors out for a jog or night walk.

​Quail Creek is also delighted to say the neighborhood with one of the best country clubs in the region, Quail Creek Golf & Country Club.

The location of Quail Creek in the heart of northwest Oklahoma City means that residents are never far from large stores, commercial centers, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, financial institutions, and outstanding options for dining. Contact us for a list of homes for sale


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