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Tesla looking at Native American land to bypass sales bans

Oklahoma has laws that ban direct-to-consumer automobile sales which have stopped Tesla from opening a dealership in the state.

There are currently Tesla service centers in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa but they are prohibited from selling cars.

However, the popular electric vehicle manufacturer has found a workaround in New Mexico that it may implement in Oklahoma.

Tesla has partnered with Native American organizations for two facilities that will sell, maintain and deliver their vehicles to customers in that state.

Given the current adversarial relationship between Oklahoma's sovereign tribes and the state government, it's highly possible we'll see a similar strategy in the Sooner State.

Following the success of the Tesla business model, there are several new EV start-ups and arms of established automakers that are looking to a similar direct-sales approach.

We're hearing Tesla very much desires dealerships in Oklahoma. The abundance of Native American land in our state presents a unique opportunity for them and other car manufacturers.

Repost from okctalk.


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