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Tulsa King series shows off OKC

To date, there have been three episodes of Tulsa King aired, the new fish-out-of-water gangster series starring Sylvester Stallone and supposedly set in Tulsa.

However, all the soundstage work was done at Prairie Surf Studios (the former Cox Center downtown) and many of the outdoor scenes are filmed in Oklahoma City.

In the latest episode we caught many glimpses of our hometown.

The abandoned service station just east of Farmer's Market has been featured several times. The YMCA headquarters on NW 4th & Broadway stood in for the front of the Mayo Hotel. Stallone met a lady friend for a meal inside Belle Isle Brewery. And a car chase scene centered on Classen and near Saint Anthony hospital.

New episodes of Tulsa King air every Sunday on Paramount + ($4.99 monthly subscription) or free the following Sunday at 8PM on the Paramount Channel.

Tulsa King is part of the burgeoning TV and film industry in the Oklahoma, both due to the presence of several new soundstages but also incentives from the state.

Repost from okctalk.


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