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Top 8 New Year’s Resolutions for Oklahoma City Real Estate

For most Oklahoma City celebrants, the holiday season hasn’t been a single non-stop flurry of activities (even though that’s what sticks in our memories). In fact, the holidays usually include more stretches of free time than we generally experience. Probably because our regular schedules get shredded over the holidays, you can usually count on injections of unclaimed time—whether spent in airport departure lounges or at home, awaiting waylaid deliveries or overdue guests. Such moments provide a disguised benefit. Especially this week, as we begin our voyage into Oklahoma City’s New Year, there is no more apt time to steal the moments needed to consider what fresh initiatives might be possible. It is New Year’s Resolution time, after all—and if a change in Oklahoma City real estate matters could be due, that’s something that probably belongs near the top of the list. With that in mind, here are the most frequently named real estate-related subjects in popular New Year’s resolution lists: 1. Make extra mortgage payments — even a single extra payment a year makes a surprisingly large financial impact 2. Downsize — recognizing when family living space requirements shrink can mean significant cash savings as well as property maintenance time and effort 3. Upsize — sometimes the extra elbow room yields major quality of living gains 4. Save Up for a Down Payment — even if a new home isn’t contemplated in the near future, the sooner a regular saving plan is put into action, the easier it will be to meet the goal 5. Tackle Deferred Household Maintenance Items — for efficiency and pride of ownership 6. Buy an Investment Property — a thoughtful Oklahoma City real estate investment can yield both cash flow and long-term growth benefits 7. Get Organized — de-cluttering is a near universal New Year’s resolution 8. Get Efficient — cutting energy consumption and/or water usage by converting outdated household systems should result in net operating outlays When it comes to Oklahoma City real estate initiatives, a list of your own New Year’s resolutions may be minor or monumental. If it’s the latter (and a possible change of residence is nearing) you might add one item to your New Year’s to-do list: call me!

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