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Appreciation heat map tells all

12 Month change heat map is very foretelling of the playing field for 2020. If pictures speak a thousand words this one certainly could sing a song. Oklahoma City has statistically been a linear market climbing steady at 3.5% just a few point above inflation, but as this chart shows the renaissance is here to stay, But not everywhere.

2019 Core logic Heatmap

Edmond looks like it's covered in snow its so white. Signifying a halt in home value appreciation for the last year.

Yukon Looking much like Edmond with minimal changes outside linear market 3.5%

Moore Same story white faced linear changes

Oklahoma City Core Appreciation in some pockets topping 20 % with listings in the plaza district tripling in value with forced appreciation (renovations).

Oklahoma City South Core Gentrification has caught fire in the south side and the poverty exile has begun, is this what the locals want? not sure, but its happing for sure with home rates climbing 20% in areas south of downtown.

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