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Belle Isle West Neighborhood

The Community Association of Belle Isle West was organized in 1985. The boundaries of the belle Isle West Neighborhood, are the NW Expressway to the south, NW 63rd to the North, and in between Villa ave and May ave.

Belle Isle West Neighborhood has hosted numerous fundraisers and plenty of enjoyable events over the years, such as "Pupnic in the Park," an outing for dogs and their owners. They've had an "annual yard sale weekend" for 20 years. For those people who like to clean out their closets but have too few items to have their own sale or don't want to make their own sales, they have a neighborhood discount sale at one of the residents homes and have done this for years. The small amount of money they collect goes to our Belle Isle Park to purchase the necessary things. The goal of this years sale was to make a three-level water fountain by their playground, as soon as they could, because when the weather heats up, parents, kids, and dogs can have a place to get a refreshing drink of water.

Their community association is currently working with the City of OKC to find ways to cut down on speeding on the "Villa Raceway." There is talk of sidewalks in their neighborhood, particularly along Villa avenue , where students from Belle Isle Middle School risk their lives crossing this street, just after school heading to the Belle Isle Library. Another example of the community working together to make the neighborhood better is, neighborhood group applied for and won a donation from the Margaret Annis Boys Trust. Through the OKC Community Foundation back in 2012 they recieved grants to buy and plant 60 new trees in their Belle Isle park at NW 62nd and Ross.

Furthermore, Belle Isle West was selected as the Central Oklahoma City Neighborhood of the Year for 2019.

The board of directors of their neighborhood consists of committed residents who are actively engaged in their community's issues, striving to fix them, and make Belle Isle West a wonderful place to live.


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