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Bridgepoint Apartments Remodel after Fire

On Friday, October 4th, 2019, a huge fire accident happened in one of the apartments at Bridgepoint Apartments in Northwest Oklahoma City.

The fire accident caused extensive damage to the Apartment, which resulted in a complete

loss. There are substantial water and smoke damage to the other nearby apartments as well. Also, during the fire, several units had to evacuate, officials said. At one point, a woman was dangling her child out of one of the windows before dropping to safety.

Bridgepoint Apartments will remodel 2 stories and 8 housing units with a total square footage of 8160. The reconstruction will include additions, alterations, and conversions.

The estimated cost would be $300,000.00 and is headed by Sam Gresham Architect P.C.-. For over sixteen years, Sam Gresham Architect's firm has been developing effective and sustainable design solutions in the Midwest. Sam Gresham AIA Principle is forward-thinking and an innovative force that can accomplish both functionality and economy without losing efficiency. With projects in Nebraska, Arkansas, Wyoming, Colorado, and Oklahoma, SGA was formed in 1999 and has completed multi-use facilities, commercial and residential projects. The project will begin construction in 2021


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