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Moving to Crestwood Neighborhood

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Crestwood is a community located in Oklahoma City's urban heart. It is bounded on the north to the south and north by NW 16th and NW 23rd Streets and to the west and east by North May and North Villa Avenues. There is an attitude of "things are getting better" in the community with lots of home remodels going on and ever rising property values. Choosing to Live in Crestwood means finding an affordable charming home without strict requirements of a registered historic district.

The community comprises a mixture of Victorian Style, Country houses, and Trendy Spanish homes constructed between 1924 and 1930. Like most of the other beautiful historical communities in Oklahoma, the houses are the star of the community.

Its central position is really what makes Crestwood such a wonderful place to live in. You're next to it in Crestwood, whether it's businesses, movies, locally made goods, pubs, cafes, places of worship, schools, or national supermarket chains. Crestwood has everything that you would need.

Neighbors of Crestwood exchange suggestions and advice on Next-door, listings, major warnings, and even more. On top of this, According to Niche, an online site that created a poll on how safe Crestwood is, found residents answered that they feel pretty safe and secure in their neighborhood.

Tour this neighborhood today with landon by visiting the contact us page.


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