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Gatewood Historic District Neighborhood

At 320 acres, Gatewood is the biggest historic district in Oklahoma City, situated between the bustling Plaza and Center city Districts. Originally platted in 1922, Gatewood displays homes constructed during this time period. The district was Epworth University's original home (now Oklahoma City University) and is a wonderful combination of historical charm and conveniences in the city center.


Tom cruise acts out the land rush of 1889
Actor Tom Cruise acting out the land rush of 1889 where Oklahoma was founded. Film is called Far and Away.

During the "Race of '89," the land that is now the Gatewood District was claimed. Andrew Findley resided in the eastern part of the quarter, while Lewis Walch claimed a similar area to the west. Both families started cultivating rapidly and constructed residences that are still standing today. By 1902, possession of both farmlands had switched. Margaret McKinley owned the Walch farm, while the Findley farm had been split between many owners, including Charles F. Colcord and F. From B. Zieglar. As Oklahoma City originally grew to the south and west of the downtown core, the land was still agricultural.

Gatewood District has known as a flourishing cluster of historic single and multi-family

homes located between the 16th Street Plaza District's hipster mecca and a transformed Uptown23rd Street, making Gatewood's blend of downtown facilities and historic elegance an essential aspect of the current revival of Oklahoma City.

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The University, Gatewood Extension, and Carey Spot, each with their unique flavor, are located in the Gatewood Historic District. The lively and explosive Plaza Neighborhood, home to local art museums, restaurants, pubs, and retail shops, is another appealing characteristic of this city. The value of homes is from $100k-$1M+. Contact our Realtors today for a list of current homes for sale in Gatewood


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