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Historic Brookhaven Neighborhood

Located just west of Western Avenue and north of I-44, with an eclectic variety of architectural styles, tree-lined winding avenues, and vibrant neighbors, Historic Brookhaven is overflowing with more elegance and sophistication than you can think of.

Shopping and eating at the Classen Curve, Whole Foods, Allocate capital, and West Elm are within walking distance.

Unlike every urban area, Brookhaven has an ambiance, with home prices mostly varying around $150-300k.

Good locations, such as Historic Brookhaven, foster sociability. These are the places where you walk into people you meet, where when you want to show them your neighborhood, you bring friends and relatives. These places become the neighborhood's heart and soul because they give people several different reasons for going there. It'll make a big difference when you choose to live in this kind of neighborhood, and Historic Brookhaven will let you feel that you're in the right place of neighborhood.

A historical home houses its own interesting past in addition to the charming features. Dozens of owners have lived within the home's walls, many with their own special stories. If you're a fan of history or someone who loves the concept of a "healthy fortune" building, you'll love living in a historic Brookhaven home.


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