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Oklahoma Cities Top Job Markets

INDUSTRY With numerous industries and a growing base of companies, the chances of you finding your dream job in Oklahoma City are good. Learn about Oklahoma City's major industries and how they are positioned for a strong future:

Aviation / Aerospace: With the largest concentration of aviation and aerospace firms in the state, the Greater Oklahoma City region's 265 firms employ 38,000 workers - and growing. This high-wage, technology-intensive industry has all the right assets in place, leaving it ripe for new businesses - and new jobs. Learn more about Oklahoma City's aviation and aerospace industry. Biotechnology: With statewide efforts focusing on growing this relatively new industry, the Oklahoma City area's bioscience presence is garnering national and international attention. With companies dedicated to bioscience goods and services production, as well as education and research testing, career paths are plentiful in this industry, which directly employs 44,000 workers. Learn more about biotechnology in Oklahoma City. Energy: With abundant oil, natural gas reserves and wind power, Oklahoma City is home to the headquarters of Fortune 500 energy companies, and some of the largest energy companies in the state. Career opportunities in this expanding sector include science streams, such as geology and engineering, as well as business streams, such as human resources and accounting. Learn more about the energy industry in Oklahoma City. Transportation & Logistics: Situated at the crossroads of America with three major highways - I-40, I-35 and I-44 - running through it, and with 350 good-weather-flying days per year, Oklahoma City offers several careers in the transportation and logistics industry. Some areas include airport operations, railroad transportation, freight trucking and warehouses. Careers range from air traffic controller to long-haul trucker to office administrator. Learn more about the logistics industry in Oklahoma City. Business Services: This broad category includes advertising and public relations; computer system design; employment services; customer service; research and development and consulting. With the diverse range of employers in Oklahoma City, the need for business services is significant and growing, as many companies would rather work with an outside firm to fulfill their business services needs. Government: Oklahoma City is the seat of government for the State of Oklahoma, as well as Oklahoma County. Combine that with City government and regional offices of federal governmental agencies, and this industry sector makes up more than 20 percent of Greater Oklahoma City's employment. These broad areas include jobs in education, legal services, transportation, environmental and natural resources, finance, information technology, corrections and tourism. Health Care: As one of the nation's major centers of health delivery, Oklahoma City employs more than 60,000 health care sector workers. The city's 20 general medical and surgical hospitals, four specialized hospitals and two federal medical installations combine to offer more than 5,000 beds - and a wealth of opportunities for health care professionals. Hospitality & Entertainment: With Bricktown, the nation's fastest growing entertainment district, a burgeoning arts community and a range of hotels, including two on the National Trust Historic Hotels of America list - the Colcord and the Skirvin Hilton - Oklahoma City is the place to grow a career in hospitality and entertainment. With western charm, metropolitan sophistication and a friendly atmosphere, Oklahoma City is well known for providing a great visitor experience. Telecommunications: As technology advances, so does Oklahoma City's telecommunications industry. Consisting of wireline, wireless, cable and satellite companies, this industry provides diverse job opportunities, ranging from technical support to installation. Weather: Oklahoma's diverse landscape brings diverse weather, and those who study it. With four distinct seasons and a location where warm, humid gulf air systems from the south converge with Rocky Mountain air systems from the west, the Oklahoma City region is a haven for meteorologists who study world-wide weather. For more information on industry in Oklahoma City, visit our Economic Development site or contact a member of our Economic Development staff.

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