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Wileman Belle Isle Neighborhood

Wileman's Belle Isle Neighborhood. Ben Wileman, a local from Oklahoma City, created the community. The nation just west of N. Pennsylvania was farmland, but Oklahoma City was slated to be the new retail and residential area. That was the suburbs of the 1950s.

Since statehood with Belle Isle Lake, which the Oklahoma Railway Company established in 1907, the area had become a popular attraction. Anton Classen, president of the Oklahoma Railway Corporation, and John W. Shartel, vice president, designed the lake and power plant as a means for the streetcar system to produce power. At the end of the Classen railroad line, the Belle Isle station was located. After, at this stage, an Interurban line was introduced, which ran to Guthrie.

Wileman's included several other developers who were constructing magnificent houses. They provide a relatively wood-burning fireplace, wide living spaces, and the kitchens, often a country-style, were more spacious than the mess hall kitchens common before the 1950s.

Committee members can arrange their various social activities, embellish their parkway entrance and exits, and choose winners of the Yard of the Month and decorate with Christmas Lighting during the holidays.

Wileman's Belle Isle is one of Oklahoma City's most wanted places to live in. The accessibility of many stores and restaurants, plus convenient access to highways, decreases commuters' travel time. Heavily landscaped, this neighborhood continues to grow in popularity and appeal, with trees and shrubs and very well maintained houses. Make your new home here and you are bound to have some new friends.


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